About Us

Who We Are

The State of Ohio Collective is nonprofit 501(c)(3) think tank focused on providing solutions to systemic, structural, and institutional based challenges due to race through programs, campaigns, and ecosystem activations.

The Ohio Collective is focused on the creation of and implementation of an interconnected ecosystem which will help ensure the future of black people in Ohio, and later, North America.

  • Reinvest

    Reinvestment in our Collective work through our research, programming that is being delivered and implemented in the black community and a focus on an intergenerational model for the future.

  • Focus

    Focus on investments being made into Black led and owned organizations and institutions to build institutional capacity.

  • Grow

    Creation of place, scale, and capacity for African Americans to learn, grow, and advance in Ohio.

  • Develop

    The ability to ensure that the comprehensive needs of all 8 metropolitan cities in Ohio (Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown) and other designated and identified areas are met with thoughtful, comprehensive institutions and programs.

The 50 Year Plan

The State of Ohio Collective work is comprehensive and addresses our work in Education, Economic Development, Health, Housing, The Arts and Technology. We create solutions to address root causes of issues in programs, organizations, and businesses. The global COVID-19 pandemic has magnified embedded racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequities and injustices across every sector.

Our 50 Year Strategic Plan provides a framework, rationale, and vision for resource attainment, allocation, and coordination of strategies for black people. The 50 Year Strategic Plan is a living, breathing document that receives updates and statewide implementation, research, analysis, and review by leaders statewide.

Why Us

  • The needs of the African American community because each individual, company, and program is represented by leaders who are engaged with the target population and have unique, personal, and culturally specific knowledge.
  • We are organized throughout Ohio, and heavily in Ohio’s 8 large metropolitan cities and other designated cities and communities. Most leaders have over 15-years of experience and expertise in their pillar areas.
  • The Collective has partnerships throughout the state of Ohio. Our work is evidenced through our collaborations with universities in Ohio.
  • The group was convened to envelop issues and problems by addressing rage, hate, and racism towards African Americans with innovative strategies, love and carefully thought-out action.
  • We are coming together so that we are not duplicating efforts of what already exists. We are opening up a lane to provide resources for the top three areas where racial disparities already exist and not “reinventing the wheel”.
  •  We advance the black community in Ohio through our innovative solution based plans, strategies, plans, and investments into African American ecosystems in support of:
  • Organizations
  • Businesses
  • School Districts
  • Health Delivery Systems
  • Minority Business Development Agencies
  • Technology Hubs
  • Arts Hubs
  • Housing Authorities and Support Structures
  • Nonprofits
  • Our work solves systemic, structural, and institutional based issues due to race through  comprehensive, statewide strategies and plans that address ongoing disparities and inequities.
  • We partner with stakeholder, majority led corporations, organizations and sacred sector groups to improve outcomes for black people in Ohio

The group was convened to envelop the problem of dealing with rage, hate, and racism towards African Americans with love and carefully thought-out action. We are coming together so that we are not duplicating efforts of what already exists; but. opening up a lane to provide resources for the top three areas where racial disparities already exist and not “reinventing the wheel”. We Advance black in Ohio Through Our Solution Based Plans for Organizations, Businesses, and Nonprofits through systemic investments into African American ecosystems. Nonprofits and Businesses are funded to solve systemic, structural, and institutional based racism through the comprehensive, statewide plan to  address ongoing disparities and inequities.

The Collective is a group of leaders from across the state of Ohio, many of whom are products and current leaders of the communities in which they reside. These leaders clearly understand how to serve these communities through their innovative and exceptional skill sets and abilities.  Professions among the group includes physicians, therapists, university professors and academics, corporate managers and executives, strategists and fundraisers, community development and faith based leaders, on air personalities and journalists, government, and nonprofit managers. Members frequently work, live and play in these spaces ensuring collective transformative impact in all cities.


2017 – We began our work in 2017, through multiple On The Table discussions and building coalitions in key areas. Through multiple community foundation processes, we identified race was subsumed into the broader category of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
2018  – Structure for the organization began through building the board and infrastructure
2019 – Collective Framework and Advisory Council Created Through Transformational Business Consulting Method. Cliff Catchers Framework Begins
2020  – Core Team, Wisdom Council, and Youth Council Formation Pillars
Collective Institutes Created. Nina Imani Institute, Family Reads, WEDGE Program and University partnerships begin. Community, Neighborhood Organizational and Development Program Begins. CARES Act Resource Funding Requests Begins. Health & Housing Strategy Begins
2021  – Collective App Development framework begins with two for profit partners. The tech application is designed to address racial disparities and support Collective statewide work. This application has both internal and external capabilities to provide intergenerational leaders with a wholly contained ecosystem of connectivity to advance the work of The Collective. ARPA Statewide Plans Initiated and Businesses Engaged. Meeting with Elected Officials Begin
2022 – Program evaluation with Colleges and Universities. Capacity Building Framework. Meeting with Statewide Elected Officials Begin.
2023 – Capacity Expansion Execution, Business Development & Expanded Program Deployment, Operational Staff Capacity Building Framework Development
2023-2025 Key Program Partnerships
  • The Campaign for African American Achievement
  • Crowder & Associates
  • The Frontiers Club
  • Greater Cleveland Association of Black Journalists
  • Engage 4 Health
  • Ohio Black Expo
  • Ohio Black News Media Collective
  • Ohio Department of Education
  • Ohio State University
  • My Cool Solutions
  • NAACP Ohio
  • NCUS
  • Tatum Endeavor Group
  • Urban League
  • UMADAOP Dayton
  • Walsh University
  • Who’s Who in Black Ohio
  • Youngstown State University
Programs and events that support the work of the strategic plan and solve major problems throughout Ohio include annual events and summits including:
  • State of Black Ohio Annual and Regional Events
  • The President’s Awards (with Ohio NAACP and Ohio Black News Media Collective)
  • Economic, Tech, Health and Housing Summits and Minority Business Agency Partnerships
  • The Collective Institutes
    • Cliff Catchers
    • ID Movement
    • Nina Imani
    • The Workforce Development & Guidance for Employment Program
    • Transformational Business Strategy
    • Family Reads
  • Workforce Development and Career Explorations Strategies
  • University Student Engagement Programs
The Collective partners with NAACP Ohio to provide annual workshops with The NAACP State Conference and Convention to ensure an intergenerational, legacy model is engaged as a part solution and issue correction based results.

American Rescue Act Request

  • Funds are expanded to new and unknown organizations as well as those with a legacy geographic footprint and name recognition.
  • Development of Collective regional hubs that mirror most large economic delivery systems are put into place, instead of one main headquarter site for resource dollar allocation.
  • Ensures adequate relationship development, oversight, and comprehensive integration.
    • Dollars allocated in this area should be expanded with support from community, private, and public partnership matching dollars to ensure that a spike in support has lasting scalable effects, as opposed to temporary increases that will end quickly.


Jalen Alford

LaLisa Anthony, PhD

Deonna Barnett

Valerie Boyer

Christopher Brown, MD

James Brown, MA

Rhonda Crowder

Marc Fears

Derrick Foward, PhD

Tiffany Edwards, CFRE

Kevin “MC Chill” Heard

T.H. Hopkins

JD Hunter

Sherri Hamilton

Kevin Lloyd

Tia Ramey

Marketa Robinson, PhD
Dayton & Toledo Ohio

Aaron Sanders

Gayle Saunders

Thomas Tatum, MA

Rev. John Tyus, PhD

Nicolette Warren Powe, PhD

Ophelia Averitt **

Richard Andrews

Mark Biggsby

Edna Borders

Bishop Dr. Dora Bronston

Stacy Burke Spears

**Brandon Buckner (deceased)

Job Clarkson

LeShun “Ship” Collins ABD

Sgt. Joseph Danzy

Justin Duncan, MS

Elder Dwight Driskill **

Terry Echols, PhD

Donnie Evege

George Freeman **

D’Angelo Graham

Vedette Gavin, MPH

Glenn Gillespie

Nicole Gilbert, MSN

Roy Hall

Carrie Hudson

Bishop Emmett Lee, PhD, DMin

Norris Lee

Sgt Troy Looney, PhD

Christopher Jones

Anita Madison

Samuel Muhamed

Carlotta Pace

Jasper Person III

Rev. Dr. Willie Perryman **

Vincent Peterson

Vincent Peterson II

Terrell Powe

Former State Senator, Tom Roberts **

Carter Robinson *

Teresa Rogers

Aleah Sephes *

Antonio Smith

Betty Smith

Crystal Smith

Christopher Smith

Kevin Smith

Andre Washington

James A. White **

Tony White *

Lauretta Williams **

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