About Us

The Nina Imani Leadership Institute, A Research Project of The Collective Institutes

The Nina Imani Leadership Institute is an intensive year-round educational, leadership, and workforce development program established through a partnership betweenThe State of Ohio Collective, The NAACP Ohio Conference, Ohio State University CDME College of Engineering, and Masters Preparatory Academy.

The main objective of the Institute is to offer rising middle and high school African American and other underrepresented young ladies from throughout Ohio an intensive hybrid residential and virtual/ online-based summer experience. The program is designed to immerse the students in an environment that will enhance their leadership skills, character development, problem-solving, critical thinking, and service to others. The Nina Imani Leadership Institute provides students and their families with the opportunity to focus on student development versus simply their survival, which weighs heavily on the minds of most parents right now, especially due to educational and social transformative opportunities and challenges from COVID-19.